eDisplay Solutions

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Our solution is designed to display text, computer graphics, charts, 2D/3D animations and real time videos. The display is employing an advanced technology of synchronous point-by-point reflection of PC monitor display. It gives real WYSIWYG to your valuable messages at the most cost effective way. When large amount of constantly changing data or online data is required, it can be easily attached to communicate with your powerful PCs or computer network.


You can easily control the display by PC/PDA/ mobile devices via different types of connection such as internet, bluetooth, wifi.


Why using our solution?

  • Reasonable price with our own factory production
  • Stable system with long history
  • Wide supporting range for different environments
  • 3 years guaranteed warranty



  • Advertising Board/Billboards, Racetracks
  • Conference Halls, Shopping Centers
  • Concerts, Sports Events
  • Mobile Promotions / Events Use
  • Information System
  • Directory System in Hospital, Schools, Public Buildings
  • Device embedded display

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